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Job Interview: How Important is English Communication

When you walk into the room for an interview, ever wondered, what is the first impression that you should make on the interviewer. Well, is it the language you’re speaking or how confidently you can carry yourself? Well, then what is the role of English in a job interview? How does effective English communication help in getting the desired job? Does every job require good English communication? These are just a few questions that are important and need to be addressed when preparing for a job interview.

One might be master in his/her skills; however, job interviews can be a daunting task to accomplish if English is not your first language. Apart from dealing with the interview anxiety, experience-related tough questions, etc communicating your thoughts and expressing yourself clearly is the key challenge where English plays a major role. Most companies these days have a prerequisite of good English communication when hiring candidates.

English as a language is immensely important in whatever part of the world you are in. Even if it’s not your native language it is advisable to have command over the language. When talking about a career, English communication has become an important part of shaping and building desired skills. It is, by far, the best way to exchange your ideas, expressions, thoughts and information. Hence, it is highly recommended to have a good grasp of the language. English is very important to crack a job interview and land up with a job of your choice, which plays a vital part in shaping your professional career. Whether the interview happens face-to-face, over the phone, or other online means, it is important to smartly and confidently communicate in English. Getting the right tone during a professional interview is essential, especially in English.

When we talk of good communication in English required for the job interview, the question arises of how to acquire the skill. When talking to Tarang Singhal of Language Pathshala he suggested some simple self-help tips to improve English Communication. He advised candidates to spend as much time speaking in English. Another way was to read newspapers, watch English news, listen to English radio programs, podcasts etc. One can also improve his/her English-speaking skills by joining communities, clubs, social organizations, etc where more people speak in English. Interacting and conversing with people who speak good English helps gain confidence in your skills. If professional help is required, the candidate can join some good spoken English and confidence-building classes that not only help build confidence in written and verbal English but also aids in developing confidence in facing job interviews. The courses of Language Pathshala are designed in a way to help develop fluency in English with a focus on career building.

English is the common language of the world. Further globalization has encouraged the language to gain more momentum. Hence missing out on this particular language might be detrimental to one’s career growth. Once a candidate’s English is up to the mark, the chances of succeeding in the business world are better. Let not English be a barrier to employability. Proficiency in English speaking requires a good command of vocabulary. There should be little or no mother tongue influence while speaking the language.

Even if your technical knowledge is good and up-to-mark, most HR interviews are conducted in English. One might have a very good track record with good grades, certifications, degrees, etc but not being able to communicate his/her skills with proficiency in English might land the candidate in losing the job opportunity. With ever-growing opportunities in the BPO sector, Information Technology, Startups, Digital Space etc the requirement for good skilled talent who can communicate in English is immense. During a job interview, when a candidate is not very conversant in English, it is generally seen as a lack of knowledge. It also shows the candidate being underconfident and not very smart.

In this fast-moving world, where technology has been changing rapidly, job opportunities are plenty. To be able to handle job interviews well, proficiency in English has become a prerequisite. A lot of companies are ready to train candidates (typically freshers) for lack of certain skills if their English communication is good. Preference is always given to the candidate who speaks well in English. Let not lose out on the opportunity to take up your dream job in the desired company for the lack of fluency in English. It is a language that can be mastered with some effort. The better you are in English communications, the more job opportunities come knocking on your door.

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