About Us

Who We Are

LANGUAGE PATHSHALA has provided training since the last year and we have taught thousands of students successfully in the suitable utilization of the English language. At LANGUAGE PATHSHALA, we realize the ability of our students. Our professionals are aware of the fact that with the specific commands of the English language, our students can achieve as well as progress their goals, hopes, and dreams.

English has been considered as the most executive language in today’s highly developed globalized world. We are pleased with LANGUAGE PATHSHALA’s ever-evolving family of instructors, students, and other staff. This is not just an institution but an exceptional experience for all of us. We offer state-of-the-art support to make learning simpler and fun. Our classrooms, staff rooms, common rooms are hygienic, spacious, and designed in a proper way. 

The study material of our institute is of the most eminent standard for any supplied level of learning. LANGUAGE PATHSHALA has a uniform vision for this country. Hopefully, we will be able to open various branches of our institution in the coming years in smaller towns and different cities of the country. In the recent future, LANGUAGE PATHSHALA goes by the signs of excellence and quality in delivery with the vision to be one of the most immeasurable language institutes in the country with many centers under its aegis.


Provide inexpensive quality education in written as well as spoken English. Offer state-of-art amenities that foster development and learning. Provide language training that assists in creating a good character. Be present across all main towns and cities in the recent future.


Our Vision is to make LANGUAGE PATHSHALA the premier language institution in India and beyond that will accommodate suitable learning amenities to students and make them easy in writing, reading, and speaking English languages with dignity and courage.

Welcome To Language Pathshala!

Advanced Features of LANGUAGE PATHSHALA


Our institute encourages individual growth and creativity.


We exhibit an unfaltering loyalty to do what is ethically and morally right.


The courses of our institution are of the most distinguished standards for each level and our support is state-of-the-art at our center.

Student Focus

We present exceptional support and service to our students.

Continuous Development

We can help you to develop your English skill to get a little better each day.

Employee Commitment

Our experience and culture make LANGUAGE PATHSHALA an exciting place to work.


We present a safe as well as a healthy environment for both of our students and employees.

Operational Efficiency

All of our courses are planned, implemented, and scheduled in a proper way.


Our people cooperate with each other in order to make us more than the sum of our members.