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Win The Battle Against Poor English

Welcome to Language Pathshala , which is one of the most famous prime leaders in teaching the English language in Lucknow. Our institution has been presenting exceptional quality English courses to people of all professions despite their ages. All the English language classes and communication courses offered by our organization are unmatched and can teach you the English language within a short period.

We assume that Communication power is like a tool where Language works as fuel. That’s why we always try to maintain the English Language as well as communication equally. LANGUAGE PATHSHALA began its journey in 2020 and since then it has taught more than 2500 learners successfully. According to our language professionals, there are 2 different ways of learning any second language.


LANGUAGE PATHSHALA is efficient in offering a lot of courses.

01. Grammar

Parts of Speech, Tenses are primary grammatical skills that you must need have when you wish to learn English language in Lucknow. But, don’t worry, professionals of LANGUAGE PATHSHALA can help you to understand Part of Speech and Tenses in a better and easy way.

02. Vocabulary

Enhancing vocabulary or stock of English words is extremely essential to be fluent in speaking English. We can help you to increase your vocabulary in a short time.

03. Confidence Building

If you have any kind of fear or if you have less confidence in the English language speaking, then you can join our classes. We can ensure that your confidence level will be increased surely after attaining a few of our classes.

04. Games and Activities

We not only learn English grammar, or vocabulary, or build your confidence in the English language – but, we also arrange various types of Games and Activities that can help you to learn the English language with ease.

05. Effective Writing Techniques

It’s quite tough for learners to write essays, letters, or emails on their own. But, our Effective Writing Techniques can help you to learn writing easily.

06. Corporate Guest Interactions

Along with teaching you the English language, we also make you able in Corporate Guest Interactions that can help you in order to increase your confidence. Besides, it also makes you ready for your future.


● The promise of achievement while taking admission to our institute.

● Acquire limitless words without remembering.

● Monthly practice session of spoken English.

● The practice of making unlimited sentences in an hour.

● Friends conversation practice session to improve your speaking capabilities.