Role of English communication in modern world Language pathshala

Importance of English Communication in the modern world

How many of you have read such hoardings in tier 2 and tier 3 cities?

These kinds of hoardings themselves are self-explanatory in giving a blow to a fact that English, indeed is an important language to communicate with people around the world. It is a universal language that connects everyone together irrespective of the continent or the country you live in.

Importance of english language in todays world language pathshala
Importance of English Communication | Language Pathshala

What is the Importance of English Communication in today’s world?

The importance of English communication can be illustrated from the fact that whether you’re looking for a new job or you wish to get admission into the top universities worldwide – the interviews, the forms, the conversations, etc are all going to be in English. Hence, learning this language has become a quintessential bit of a modern lifestyle.

Let’s take a sneak peek into the history and root out the role of the English language in the modern world. It is believed that English became important during colonial times, British rulers governed 25% of the human existence and hence, coerced the people in non-English speaking countries to speak English rather than their native or mother language. This convoluted past of language left an important speckle on business, education and trade. Hence, defined as the importance of English communication language.

Importane of english language language pathshala lucknow
Improve communication skills in English | Language Pathshala

Pondering over the past of the language has flabbergasted us and has inculcated us with the role of English Communication in the Modern world.

What is the role of English in modern world?

English is a way to fetch plenty of opportunities your way. If you know English, then you can not only find it easy to interact with anybody and everybody in the world but also opens the skies for greater job opportunities across the globe. The trend of Indian Business houses going International has further fuelled the flame as these business houses are targeting individuals who possess inbuilt English communication skills and can interact with anybody on the world platform. The talent acquisition teams framing the job descriptions aiming at qualities that clearly state “Should have good command over English”. English communication has evolved as basic criteria in the hiring process.  Moreover, English communication skills addon to the advantage of putting you in a bucket of higher promotion prospects.
modern world importance for english communication language pathshala language
Modern World importance of English communication | Language Pathshala

What is the need for and importance of learning English communication?

Learning English is quintessential in our modern world. Knowledge about new discoveries, innovations and inventions in one country is transmitted to other countries through English for the benefit of the world. In the current scenario, when the job market is going on its low ever, very talent-hiring manager would lookout for an individual who can start contributing towards business goals from day one of joining.

Hence, in this cut-throat competitive world learning the art of English communication will increase your chances of landing a job by 90%.

Start your journey with Language Pathshala institutes in Lucknow that help you improve communication skills in English right from the comfort of your home. All you must do is to enrol yourself in courses and Voila! You are ready to crack any job interview or equipped to strike a conversation with anybody in 190 countries across the globe.

Importance of english communication in Modern world Language pathshala Learn english communication
Need & Importance of learning English Language | Language Pathshala

So, think no more! Learn the art of English communication and gain the everlasting confidence of speaking in English!

Happy Learning to you!

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