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Mastering the art of Credible & Persuasive Communication in three easy ways

Ever wondered why most influential people in the world succeed in persuading their audiences to think and act in a certain way? As per experts, Persuasive communication is perhaps the most important ingredient of their success.

English language is considered as a universal language to express views, opinions, suggestions to varied set of audience living in different parts of the world. Thus, expressing oneself in English is not only convenient but also makes an impact on the listener. It makes you sound more credible, idea enriched and also leads to persuasive communication.

If you wish to become a professional trainer or wish to have an everlasting bewitching impact on your listeners with the art of your oratory, it is of utmost importance that you hold the interest of your audience with the right blend of persuasive communication. The right choice of words, knowledge about your audience, and the apt way of putting across your ideas in a fashion that they are not hurtful to the emotional side of your audience is what makes you a most adored professional in the world speaker ecosystem. Opting for a professional English course to brush up your speaking skills is always a good option to make an impact with your command over the language.

  1. Background Check: The world is a small place! If you are in the same profession there are likely chances that people within the industry know you or if you have made a mark for yourself via your quality of work then there is obviously a preconceived credibility that is associated with you even before you show up on the stage to express your views. For an instance, if you are Bill Gates, people will automatically listen to you because they trust you for your skills in the software business. Anything you would say to them would be considered as Bible.  How can we forget a famous Netflix original “Inside Bill’s brain” which talks about the credibility associated with his brain? It was his name, which got netizens glued to their TV screens but, unfortunately! People like us need to make an impact before someone gives us his/ her ear. So, how do you build a credibility for yourself and how do you persuade people to listen to what you talk? The fact lies in the fact that you need to express yourself in a fashion that it should be accepted by the audience that you are the master of your subject and carry the expert knowledge about the topic. This can be achieved by sharing your background credentials as in What you have done, from where you started your journey and how far you have been successful in achieving your goal. This can all be done if you display a certain level of confidence in your speech, if you make voice modulations while connecting with your audience, if you end up displaying an exponential level of clear communication in English half of your journey in the art of persuading your audience and establishing a credibility in their minds is done. So, working and narrating your background in a clear understandable English is like half marathon won.
  2. Expressing it to audience why listening to you matters to them: It is the crucial step in the art of persuasive communication. Audience has come to listen to you to gain an aspect as to how will you help them to solve their problem. With the evolving and busy lifestyles, people are more interested in knowing a solution to their problem then knowing about your company and key differentiators. “What is in for me? “quotient drives the communication and interest flow. Let’s take an example, if you are a sales head of some XYZ builders and infrastructure company. A company which is into selling commercial spaces only. Anyone who is interested in buying or leasing a residential apartment wouldn’t be interested in listening to your thoughts irrespective how beautifully you express them. So, to make an impact it is important to know your audience and expressing it to them that how listening to you would help them have better ROI so on and so forth. This could all be achieved with the skill of persuasive communication. There are many institutions that impart the training on understanding your audience better but the topper in the training chart is and always have been the course in English communication. If you have a perfect flow in your speech the doors of opportunities are open and confers you instant credibility.
  3. Personal Connection Demonstration: To make you speech more impactful, the art of including a personal viewpoint, opinion and values is quintessential. People do not want anyone standing on the stage giving them unrealistic Gyaan about the product or services that an individual hasn’t used himself. The real time stories and used cases creates a sense of credibility in the mind of a listener. Sharing real life problems and finding out the solutions to the real-life problem not only builds a trust but also authenticates the speaker’s viewpoint. Get into the brains of your listener. Nothing could explain personal connection better than religious Godman in our country. They get to your brains and impact it with their powerful knows. How do they do it? They do it with the art of persuasive communication and that is what a good speaker need to learn to establish credibility in the minds of the lister.

So, all you people who wish to learn the art of persuasive and credible communication, do consider the above points in mind before making a public appearance because these are the three easiest ways of demonstrating credibility through English Language.

Happy Oratory to you!

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