confidence, building confidence

Never Feeling ‘Good Enough’- Building confidence in English

Have you come across a brutal English-speaking confession of our famous Indian Cricketers, who lacked confidence?

Well! One amongst my favourites is when an honest confession was made by Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh in “Comedy Nights with Kapil” wherein both the cricketers confessed that they used to dread winning “Man of the Match”award because then they would need to stand and give a winning speech in English. Hilarious! Isn’t it? Who could think that famous personalities like them are also like many of us who lack the confidence of speaking English confidently?

For some people, speaking English confidently is a part of personality while for few, the art of showing oneself as a confident individual must be learnt gradually or by taking English speaking course.

confidence, building confidence

Here’s a list of 5 exhaustive steps that you should undertake for building confidence in speaking English.

Speak Slowly: To make yourself sound confident, put emphasis on each of the word that you speak. When you speak slowly, you get ample time in your head to frame a line that you are going to speak to your audience. Speaking slowly shows that you are aware about the topic and hold a belief for every word that you say. 

Practice: Before you appear to a large audience for public speaking, practice your speech well. Know the meanings of the words written down in your speech to know the real context behind your saying. Stand in front of the mirror and see in your eye and feel as if you are making an eye contact with a listener of your speech. This practice helps in preventing last minute stage jitters and portrays you as a confident individual who has a power to hold the captive of the audience. Practice till the time you get it right. This is a trump card in the journey of speaking English fluently.

Emitting Positivity: This is a mannerism used by many of us in our routine life. Before you appear for your job interview, you practice speaking your answers well so that you do not end up fumbling and you also imagine yourself as someone walking out of the interviewer’s room with an offer letter in hand. This visualization of positive outcome enhances your confidence level and hence helps in building a confidence in speaking English.

Smile is a best solution: Numerous studies have shown that smile has a positive impact on your mood. A smiling face makes you feel happy andbrings a smile on the face of the onlooker as well. The antidote to any trouble or anxiety filled situation is smile. Hence, there are laughter therapy classes. So, use this to your advantage while speaking in English to feel confident and communicate your thoughts powerfully.

Record your conversation: The best practice to enhance your confidence while speaking in English is to record your every conversation. Listening to your recording will make you familiar with the mistakes that you make, the fumbles or the misses that you make during speaking. This practice will make you more clear in your speech and hence, will help you attain the right blend of confidence required to speak in English.

It is advisable to all the beginners in the language learning curve that English is fun learning language and all you need to do is to follow the above best practices to build the confidence while speaking English.

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